Join Family Promise and spend a night without a bed so other children don’t have to.

Eight-year-old Abby never expected she’d be doing her homework in a motel room every night. But when her dad lost his job, her family had to give up their home. They moved into a motel, and Abby went from having her own bedroom to sharing one room with her entire family. It was hard for her to focus on school or imagine a happy future.

Abby’s not alone. One in 16 children in the U.S. experiences homelessness by the first grade. They and their families can be found sleeping in motel rooms, with friends, or even in their cars. And kids who face homelessness suffer in other ways, as well. They’re more likely to drop out of school, repeat a grade, suffer from depression, and attempt suicide.

You can show your support for children and families battling homelessness and raise awareness of this crisis by joining Family Promise’s first national Night Without A Bed sleepout on June 20, 2020.

Put up a tent in your back yard. Make a fort in your living room. Wrap up in blankets on the sofa or in a sleeping bag on the floor. Give up your comfortable bed for one night and share the experience with friends and family. Post photos of your Night Without A Bed on social media using #NightWithoutABed, tag Family Promise of Greater Orlando, and ask sponsors to support your efforts to help families battling homelessness.

For 20 years, Family Promise of Greater Orlando has been helping families in need find stable housing and develop the skills and tools to succeed independently – families just like Abby’s.

Thanks to Family Promise, Abby’s parents found employment, the family moved into housing, and Abby’s life began returning to normal.


How can you join our fight against homelessness? 

  • Raise awareness by sharing social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Help us reach our $10,000 financial goal by donating here.
  • Join us on June 20th in spending a night without the comfort of your bed and post using #NightWithoutABed