Marco was living life to the fullest. Three healthy children, a beautiful wife and a safe place to live. Marco was a driver for Uber and was making more than enough between his job and his wife’s job to provide for their family.

Then, COVID-19 happened. His wife was laid off from her job. Uber temporarily suspended all drivers. Life stopped for Marco. And so did their financial security. Gone in an instant.

Marco started to feel desperate and was trying to hide his stress from his wife as her blood pressure was high enough without his added concerns. Somehow in the short time of this financial crisis, he already owed his apartment complex over $5,000 – a cost that seemed insurmountable now that they were both unemployed.


Someone told Marco about Family Promise. Family Promise won a grant that would provide for diversion services – assistance that would help people in their current situations and prevent them from falling into a homelesscrisis. Marco knew that was what he needed to do. He needed Family Promise.

He reached out to Michelle, the case manager. Michelle looked at his finances and looked at his debt. The money he owed his apartment was more than Family Promise could assist with. Marco felt even more desperate.

Several days later, Marco checked his mail. A non-descript envelope showed up in the mailbox. Ripping open the envelope, Marco realized it was a stimulus check. An amount, when added to his tax return, that would cover all but $1,500 of what he owed his apartment complex. He loaded back up in his car, dropped the check off with the apartment complex and headed back to Family Promise. Michelle answered the door hesitantly – she wanted to help him. He was such a nice man with a big heart, but the reality was, he was asking for a lot of money and there are so many families in the community who currently need services.

Marco excitedly entered and told Michelle the great news – he had a solution. He only needed $1,500 and his family could remain in their apartment and their life could remain the same for his family of five.  Marco’s prayers were answered – Family Promise could pay the apartment complex the additional amount and Marco’s family would avoid eviction and homelessness – what we call diversion. Through the grant received from Family Promise National and Synchrony Bank, Family Promise can provide funds to keep families from falling into a crisis situation.

Marco and his family remain stable. He and his wife are both back to working the jobs that they love and life can resume as normal. Prayers answered and lives stabilized making the ‘promise’ in Family Promise become a reality.



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